Firewall is a computer networking device or a piece of software which is used to provide security to other computer devices. It keeps an eye on the incoming and outgoing requests and responses. It has a well defined set of protocols installed in it. The protocols are installed in the form instructions and that instructions are known as programmes. These programmes are designed according to the company’s desire and intention. The installed instructions only decide which requests to process and which to deny. Therefore it acts as a blockade for untrusted networks. There are many companies which developed firewalls. Cisco is one of them, hence the name Cisco firewall. Refurbished Cisco firewall means second hand firewall in good working condition. In 1987 the packet filter firewall was the first firewall to be developed at AT & T, Bell Laboratories by Bill Cheswick and Steve Bellovin. The other types of firewall are Stateful Firewall, Application Firewall, and etc. There are various types of firewalls.
Firewalls are used according to their working in Companies. Further firewalls are connected with other firewalls in a company environment. Big corporations and companies use huge firewall devices for their networks. As these firewalls are costly and also require experts for maintenance. So for startups and small firms refurbished firewalls are a good choice. Refurbished only means “second hand” while the working is the same. Refurbished devices work like new devices. So you can get the advantage of a new device by using refurbished products. There are various companies which provide firewalls. Among all of them Cisco is the best. As we all know Cisco is not a new company it is a decade old company and still operates. The only reason behind, is their product quality. So Refurbished Cisco firewalls are a good choice. We at Green IT provide excellent quality refurbished Cisco firewalls at an affordable price in Mumbai. These products function like a new one. We are not a new one in this business; We have decades of experience in selling second hand networking devices. So for more information you can contact us.