Checkpoint is also known as an advanced level of firewall. It does the same work like firewalls do. The security modules in checkpoints are well managed. It has high security measures as compared with firewalls. All the modules in checkpoints are closely connected with each other inorder to provide security and Data Integrity to the Network. These modules are security gateway, Smart dashboard, security management server, Internal networks and external networks.
All the devices incoming and outgoing requests are closely monitored by checkpoint. So check point is one of the great elements in Network security models. Buying and setting up a new checkpoint is a good approach but if we have an option of a used checkpoint then why would we go for the new one ? We can get the same features and modules in second hand checkpoints also. In a less amount of money we can buy this checkpoint besides working will be the same. So buying a used checkpoint instead of new one is a good option.
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