Routers are a type of networking device in managing internal networks traffic. It has a huge impact on management of network traffic. Routers work on a set of rules. These rules are nothing but protocols. There are different types of protocols on which the router works. For every task there is a protocol, for example Routing Information Protocol (RIP) is used to set a route for rotors incoming and outgoing requests. So RIP is very useful in managing the data traffic among the network devices.
There are various companies like DELL, HP, Aruba, etc which provide routers. Among those companies Cisco is the best one.Cisco is a United States based company and it is not a new one. Cisco manufactures quality products. The Cisco products are long lasting. Cisco routers are the best routers in terms of performance and long lasting. Since new Cisco routers can be expensive, you can buy used cisco routers. The performance and working condition of a second hand Cisco router will be the same as compared with the old one. You can get it at a low price as compared with the new Cisco router. We at Green IT provide excellent quality used cisco routers at an affordable price in Mumbai, India. We have sold thousands of used Cisco routers. For more information you can contact us.