Server is the core of the Internet architecture. All the transaction, browsing, request and response are all dependent upon the Servers. With proper authentication these servers process requests to clients. These servers are nothing but a place where all the data are stored and processed on request and response. There are various types of servers like, Web server, Gaming Server, Banking server, etc.
Depending upon types its security is determined. For example, for Banking servers, security is more crucial. The most common type of server is Web server. It is a type of server where all the website data is stored and processed. Building our own server according to our own desire is a good option. But maintaining a new server may be costlier. So why should we go for the refurbished servers ?
Refurbished server is not a different thing or concept, it is like a new server. It works according to the new server. The features, quality of refurbished servers are the same as new servers. But the good thing about a refurbished server is that you can get it at a low price as compared with a new server. So buying a second hand server is a good choice. We at Green IT Provide all kinds of good quality refurbished servers at a cheap price in Mumbai, We have brands like Dell, HP, Cisco, IBM etc. For more information you can contact us.